Royal Yacht Club of Victoria
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Results for the 2013-2014 Racing Season

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Series Results for Harold Ward Trophy IRC 2014

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Last Racing Held on 12/04/2014 at 14:25.

R35MoneypennyLangford / Spencer1121
S8000MOOD INDIGOKeith Chatto Colin Mcgregor3252
R968FootlooseJohn Robb2463
S14GIENAHRod Miller5384
R1221MerakBas Huibers46105
R6198Next MomentSandy Doull77146
S313WEEKEND OPTIONMichael Culhane69157
S47MRS OVERNEWTONLeslie Norton88168
S369ELLIPSEJack Setton185239
S191SALAMANDER IIIMonica Jones18183610
S292JUNGLE JUICEJanet Dean18183610
S3TINA OF MELBOURNEAndy Doolan18183610
S35ARCHIMEDESThomas Ely18183610
S350SIRENBrian McDermott18183610
R880AlienJustin Brenan18183610
S390JAZZ PLAYER-TPFAndrew Lawrence18183610
S8640MATADORMurray McCutcheon18183610